Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas Joy...

Now I know I usually post about fashion, but this was too good a chance to miss.

Tonight, my housemates and I went to The Royal Ballet to see The Nutcracker (which was beyond lovely) and on our exit, heading towards Piccadilly Circus, we could hear someone playing Christmas music. It completely added to the exciting and very sparkly atmosphere. Jingle bells played as we ventured further down the road, I thought to myself that whoever was playing this instrument was actually very good. Then we saw who it was:

Yes, you see correctly. It is a tramp, playing Christmas tunes out of a traffic cone complete with a Christmas hat. I was literally gobsmacked. I must give credit to Fay for taking this photo, it's a great shot. And he even lit a cigarette then carried on with his playing. It was something I was definitely not expecting to see, and when we came back that way he'd left, the traffic cone returned upright for its regular use.

It made me smile really, he looked pretty content, embracing the spirit of Christmas. And I think that's what we should all do!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Fashion Moment - The White Shirt

The brief was to write a 350 word fashion moment on a particular clothing item, theme, etc in the style of well known fashion journalist Colin McDowell. I chose 'The White Shirt', unfortunately as I saved it as a pdf I had to print screen the image, therefore it's not the highest quality, but hopefully you'll be able to see it (just about).

I like how the white shirt always pops up in film with Marilyn Monroe and Uma Thurman, and not forgetting Audrey Hepburn (hence the photograph). We had to set it out as if it were to be put into a magazine, and it had to look like McDowell's fashion moments, so we couldn't go completely mental with it. If I could own the exact outfit Audrey is wearing above, I'd be eternally happy. Instead, as this is not possible I will have to re-create it somehow! 

I do love this photograph, I intentionally blurred the background to give emphasis to Audrey, so that her and the text stood out, otherwise it was all too in focus. Although I did keep it so you can still see Gregory Peck behind the writing, I wanted Audrey to be centre of attention.

We've got the hand in for this assignment on Monday, so hopefully I'll do well. I am happy with how my fashion moment has turned out, I am very much a perfectionist and won't stop until I am completely happy with how something looks, and I'm happy with how its turned out.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

My Favourite Outfit

Brief: Write 200-300 words on your favourite outfit. It could be something you once owned, currently have or an outfit that you admire. Be creative.

The Red Velvet Dress

The tatty cardboard box overflowing with photographs from my childhood. Looking through these I'd grimace at some of the clothes my parents dress me in. What were those purple flares with pink hearts, or that outfit of beige, beige and more beige? Although somewhere, right at the bottom of this box, were photographs where I believe I was a rather fashionable child. Wearing girly dresses and bonnets while picking flowers, or a little blue polka dot dress, complete with a white peter pan collar at Christmas.

My favourite of these has to be the red velvet dress. It had little puffball shoulders and a bow in the same material around the neck. Very much like the pussybow blouses that designers like Chloe and Marc Jacobs favour. Red has since then been my favourite colour, although more of a deep scarlet red than double-decker bus red. The dress was sophisticated yet feminine, even if I was only four or five years old. My parents can't remember where they bought it, and almost 15 years later it is now no where to be seen, but at least I still have the photographs. My style (not including the dodgy teenage years) has since then been French chic mixed with English rose, the dress of my childhood weaving its way back into my wardrobe in the form of pretty blouses and yes, even another velvet dress.
Although this new one is black, simple yet chic.

Everyone looks back on their childhood days, cringing at their outfits, hiding the photographs away for the world not to see. I however look back with a smile on my face, wishing that one day, I shall again find a red velvet dress, and this time, I'll keep it forever.

Written: 23rd Sep 2011

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Paul Costelloe S/S 2012 Opening Show, London Fashion Week

It started with everyone on the move. Men with ladders fixing up the logo, stapling the floorboards, checking the lighting. Just like the scene in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, Anna Hathaway standing for the first time at Runway Magazine while people run around her, getting ready for the arrival of Meryl Streep, the big boss. I felt like I was watching everything come together around me, and honestly wished I could be part of it. Part of the hustle and bustle, be one of the people with an earpiece and a walkie talkie. It’s fascinating being at a catwalk show before it all begins, before anyone else arrives.

White benches make up the length of the room, running parallel to each other. The end of the room is where the photographers are getting ready, this will be the way the rest of the world see what this show will look like. Little brown bags adorned the front row; I never did get to see what was inside, maybe some goodies for the VIP’s. 

At around 9am, the people started to file in. I spotted Hilary Alexander, Director of Fashion at the Daily Telegraph and Style Guru amongst the crowd and found later on that Ellie Goulding and Paloma Faith were at Fashion Week watching shows too (unfortunately I never spotted them).

Within ten minutes, every seat seemed to be full, and with the amount of people, a lot ended up standing for the show. I was glad I had a seat, and a good one at that. With perfect eye line to where the models emerged in the designer clothes to flaunt it down the catwalk. I was very snap happy once the show began and honestly loved every outfit. Everyone was waiting in anticipation for the start, and as the lights went down, it was as if I was at the cinema. The soft slightly classical piano music began, and the lights came up as the first model emerged from backstage. The first selection of clothing from Costelloe was simple yet chic. Tailored jackets and skirts and floaty dresses, using neutral colours with metallics thrown in to give it a bit of pizazz. It wasn’t just womenswear on show that morning, some rather dashing male models showed off Costelloe’s suits and jackets, again in neutral tones, greys and whites.

The next stage of the show presented the more feminine styles, pretty and lacy. Short white and cream dresses with frills and floaty skirts, and the tailored jackets still worked in there, very French Chic. The men’s again followed in the colour spectrum footsteps of the ladies and had slightly looser fitting suits ready for the (hopefully) warmer weather for Spring Summer 2012.

With the next part of the show coming, and the more vivid colours blooming, the music became louder and more upbeat, I began to tap my foot and even started to nob my head to the beat and everyone knew something was coming.

Bring on the men in vibrant suits, sherbet purples and dark yet ‘out there’ blues that would turn any heads in the middle of London. The silver accents from the first set of clothes moved through to the end of the show for the ladies. Peppermint green and coral pink intertwined with silver, giving the items a day and night feel to them. Costelloe has used classic sophisticated shapes, ladylike you may say, but added his own twist with the colours and giving them that extra edge that makes you want them even more.

I didn’t want the show to end, but as the models came out all together, the room applauded and smiles rang off the audience’s faces. Costelloe’s sons could be seen across the room, I reckon they were very proud of their Dad. Paul Costelloe himself walked out dressed in jeans and a white shirt, kissed the last model on each cheek and smiled and raised his hands in the air, a thank you to everyone in the modest of ways. As the show ended, everyone began to file out, and the black plastic was laid down on the catwalk, presumably to keep it from getting scratched from anyone walking on it. I did take this chance to get a photograph of me on the catwalk, I couldn’t leave without one.

After the show we thanked Justin Costelloe, one of Paul Costelloe’s sons for inviting us to the show, and how much we loved it. Unfortunately with everything so hectic and another show in the same building shortly, Paul himself was whisked away backstage, so I didn’t get to thank him or congratulate him personally. On the way out, we were offered champagne, which before 10 in the morning is a new one for me. We listened to a speech by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson on why he was excited to be opening London Fashion Week. I even spotted Erin O’Connor, she was engulfed in the crowd so I didn’t get to speak with her, but she ran past me later on and I got a photo. My best friend asked afterwards “Is she as tall and beautiful in real life as I imagine”, my answer was simply “Yes, she is”.

Paul Costelloe’s opening show was fantastic. Other people may go to shows, or see photographs and scan past them, not taking it in. I’m the opposite. If I could go to every single catwalk show I would, whether it is someone less known like Paul Costelloe, or someone huge like Gucci. The range of clothing and styles from each may be at completely opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, but that’s what’s interesting and exciting, that no piece is the same as the last. And I can’t wait until next year, hopefully then I’ll be able to attend more shows, after all, while sitting in the third row on the first day, I was tempted to never leave and stay there forever.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kim Traeger's Run-Over Rabbit

A graduate from Central Saint Martin's, Kim Traeger with his vivid imagination has created a dark fairytale based on a run over rabbit. The rabbit gets hit by a car, and on standing up holding it's intestines in it's paws sees that in fact, it isn't holding intestines, its holding eggs. It's the Easter Bunny. The rabbit then has to go to hospital to get patched up and then back to the white forest.

This collection is clever and mad at the same time. That's why I like it so much. I could imagine the pieces being photographed by Tim Walker, surrounded my magical scenery with maybe some hidden strange creatures or objects in the shrubbery. It's a story, not just a line of women walking in different outfits. It makes heads turn, it creates questions and inspires people to do something different, to break the boundaries and try something new.

Unfortunately Kim Traeger having been offered to do the Central Saint Martin's MA, has to turn it down due to a lack of money to fund this. He is however jetting off to Paris to work at Josephus Thimister, here's hoping that we won't see the last of this man's creative genius and that it will pop up somewhere on a catwalk in the near future.


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Rodarte Pitti Immagine Collection

Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte find inspiration in Florentine art to create their 'Pitti-commissioned collection in an old disused factory building in central Florence'. The collection includes ten couture gowns throughout the building and was opened to view by a select few just over a month ago.

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