Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas Joy...

Now I know I usually post about fashion, but this was too good a chance to miss.

Tonight, my housemates and I went to The Royal Ballet to see The Nutcracker (which was beyond lovely) and on our exit, heading towards Piccadilly Circus, we could hear someone playing Christmas music. It completely added to the exciting and very sparkly atmosphere. Jingle bells played as we ventured further down the road, I thought to myself that whoever was playing this instrument was actually very good. Then we saw who it was:

Yes, you see correctly. It is a tramp, playing Christmas tunes out of a traffic cone complete with a Christmas hat. I was literally gobsmacked. I must give credit to Fay for taking this photo, it's a great shot. And he even lit a cigarette then carried on with his playing. It was something I was definitely not expecting to see, and when we came back that way he'd left, the traffic cone returned upright for its regular use.

It made me smile really, he looked pretty content, embracing the spirit of Christmas. And I think that's what we should all do!

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  1. Sometimes I see things and think "only in London!" I love how he's even wearing a Santa hat (: