Saturday, 24 September 2011

My Favourite Outfit

Brief: Write 200-300 words on your favourite outfit. It could be something you once owned, currently have or an outfit that you admire. Be creative.

The Red Velvet Dress

The tatty cardboard box overflowing with photographs from my childhood. Looking through these I'd grimace at some of the clothes my parents dress me in. What were those purple flares with pink hearts, or that outfit of beige, beige and more beige? Although somewhere, right at the bottom of this box, were photographs where I believe I was a rather fashionable child. Wearing girly dresses and bonnets while picking flowers, or a little blue polka dot dress, complete with a white peter pan collar at Christmas.

My favourite of these has to be the red velvet dress. It had little puffball shoulders and a bow in the same material around the neck. Very much like the pussybow blouses that designers like Chloe and Marc Jacobs favour. Red has since then been my favourite colour, although more of a deep scarlet red than double-decker bus red. The dress was sophisticated yet feminine, even if I was only four or five years old. My parents can't remember where they bought it, and almost 15 years later it is now no where to be seen, but at least I still have the photographs. My style (not including the dodgy teenage years) has since then been French chic mixed with English rose, the dress of my childhood weaving its way back into my wardrobe in the form of pretty blouses and yes, even another velvet dress.
Although this new one is black, simple yet chic.

Everyone looks back on their childhood days, cringing at their outfits, hiding the photographs away for the world not to see. I however look back with a smile on my face, wishing that one day, I shall again find a red velvet dress, and this time, I'll keep it forever.

Written: 23rd Sep 2011

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