Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kim Traeger's Run-Over Rabbit

A graduate from Central Saint Martin's, Kim Traeger with his vivid imagination has created a dark fairytale based on a run over rabbit. The rabbit gets hit by a car, and on standing up holding it's intestines in it's paws sees that in fact, it isn't holding intestines, its holding eggs. It's the Easter Bunny. The rabbit then has to go to hospital to get patched up and then back to the white forest.

This collection is clever and mad at the same time. That's why I like it so much. I could imagine the pieces being photographed by Tim Walker, surrounded my magical scenery with maybe some hidden strange creatures or objects in the shrubbery. It's a story, not just a line of women walking in different outfits. It makes heads turn, it creates questions and inspires people to do something different, to break the boundaries and try something new.

Unfortunately Kim Traeger having been offered to do the Central Saint Martin's MA, has to turn it down due to a lack of money to fund this. He is however jetting off to Paris to work at Josephus Thimister, here's hoping that we won't see the last of this man's creative genius and that it will pop up somewhere on a catwalk in the near future.


To read the full article and interview at Dazed Digital click here

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