Friday, 14 September 2012

Tim Walker - Story Teller

I am beaming with excitement for next month when Somerset House open their homage to my favourite photographer Tim WalkerOpening on the 18th October and not closing until the 27th January everyone has enough time to go have a look - and its free so there's no excuses.

Tim Walker is best known for his magical fantasy images and editorials and even if you don't know him you've definitely see his stuff. His collection of images in his most famous book 'Pictures' documents personal documentary style images along with those seen on the pages of Vogue and magazines alike. 

 Most recently he's been the front man photographer for Mulberry. Models in rooms enveloped by flowers, on Brighton beach with giant sticks of rock or even in the forest with a huge furry creature. He is one of the only photographers where I know straight away if its one of his photographs, because they are so iconic.

A self proclaimed perfectionist one of Tim's well known locations for shoots is Eglingham Hall in Northumberland which has been the 'backdrop to his photography for the past fifteen years'. In a radio interview 'Picturing Britain' for BBC4 in 2011 he describes it as having "...a sort of dishevelled-ness but still a sort of style. Bumblebees tapping on the window still inside, all the furnishings have stayed the same since the 1930s. It sort of represents an England that’s definitely disappeared. It is a magical place I think for me."

Along with the exhibitions of some of Tim's finest work, there will also be workshops, talks and screenings of films specially curated by Tim Walker. One of which is Tim's first feature 'The Lost Explorer'. I was excited by this, so last year purchased the book of still shots from The Lost Explorer along with the original story by Patrick McGrath.

Events and film tickets will go on sale in September. And speaking of books, Thames & Hudson will be bringing out a book aptly named 'Story Teller' to coincide with this exhibition. I will definitely be getting my hands on one of those.

All details of the exhibition and more can be found here:

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