Friday, 28 September 2012

Another Weighty Issue

Honestly guys, are we still talking about body weight?
Are we still bothered about body weight in 2012? This whole argument is getting old and boring now. So-and-so is too thin, so-and-so is too fat. The most recent celebrity to be ridiculed for her weight gain is our favourite outrageously dressed Lady Gaga. Photos from her recent tour emerged on the internet showing her scantily dressed, meat dress and all carrying a few extra pounds and all hell has broken loose. It’s like she’s suddenly grown another head, although I think even that wouldn't be as outrageous as her putting on weight. Our society, and fashion society in particular are so bothered about weight and how we should look that if someone in the spotlight looks slightly different from the last time they were seen, it’s splashed on the front of every newspaper and magazine out there. Do we not have something more interesting to talk about?

I honestly thought that Gaga looked too skinny in her ‘Born This Way’ video (some of you may disagree). But when you look at someone and think ‘if I pushed you over you may break’ I think it’s time for something to change. And yeah, Gaga’s legs might be twice the size than before, and her waist might not be -20 inches but if her voice is still the same, what’s the problem. No one seems to be having a go at Adele, but then she’s always been on the larger size. And frankly, who cares, if I had a voice like Adele’s and could be mega rich and sell loads of albums I wouldn't care what size I was. Why are we so bothered whether someone has put on 25 pounds (apparently the exact amount Gaga has gained), surely we should be thanking Gaga for showing that size doesn't matter. Young girls are drip fed photoshopped images of models on the front of magazines thinking that this is what they should aspire to look like. Gaga is doing the opposite, she’s showing her little monsters that she was ‘born this way’ and should love who she is. She’s openly spoken about being anorexic and bulimic when she was younger which obviously isn't something she wants her fans to go through too. 

I’ve also read a comment saying she’s ‘brave’ to do this, the fact putting on a bit of weight (which is probably how she’s naturally supposed to look anyway) is classed as brave is just bloody stupid. It’s not bravery, it’s just being normal. Although still not as bad as relating Gaga's weight gain to 'accepting obesity'. Sorry, I just spat out my cup of tea. Someone who probably now weighs 10-11 stone (maybe not even that) being put in the same sentence as obesity, these people don't deserve to have opinions.

And it’s not just women associated with weight issues. My Mum txted me the other day saying ‘Have you seen how much weight Michael Buble has lost?’ The fact my Mum knows this means that Loose Women have run out of things to talk about. Unless she read a newspaper (unlikely) or it was on the news. When I looked on the internet I was imagining a frail half dead looking Buble, due to the fact my Mum’s txt sounded serious. I actually think he looks alright, his face does look a bit gaunt and personally I prefer the second image of him (with a bit of meat on his bones so to speak) but if he serenaded me as his newer thinner self I'd still melt. Fat or thin I'd still fancy him. As long as he's healthy, why are we all so bothered if someone looks a bit different (unless they were once huge and unhealthy and are now a healthier size)

I think we need to get back into a world where being happy and healthy is the main aim. Where people aren't gobsmacked when a celebrity gains a few pounds. Yes some people are naturally skinny and some are naturally curvy, people lose weight and people put on weight, surely at some point we can start realising this (and I mean everyone) and get over it, because these ‘weighty’ issues are frankly starting to get a bit boring.  

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