Thursday, 26 January 2012

Dior 1, Chanel 0

I have for a while now, favoured Chanel over Dior. It can definitely be said that Chanel's designs have always shone brighter in my eyes than her once rival Dior. However the couture spring summer collections of this year have thrown everything up in the air, and even though I'm shocked to say so, Chanel's current collection was a slight let down. Strange hair styles and pieces that look average, not high fashion. Or maybe I'm missing something; maybe some people think it's fantastic, if they'd care to inform me I'd be very grateful. And up comes Dior, with dresses galore, classy and flowing down the catwalk.

Obviously the Chanel collection wasn't a complete wet fish - a couple of the pieces were 1920's-esque, and for a part, the model's hair was relatively normal.

But for me, I didn't fall in love with enough of Chanel to grant it a round of applause. 


Dior came out with classy monochrome to start, big poofy dresses and sleek shirts. I must say my favourite was the burst of aubergine throughout the show. The dresses long and flowing, a bit of leg on show but keeping the sophisticated air that echoed across the runway. The colour reminds me of a Cadbury's wrapper that won't have you putting on the pounds; you'll be spending them. 

And I can't help but mention the English rose style full length and knee length dresses, complete with prints and embellishments in lavender purple.

Dior has won it for me this time and somehow even with no head designer after the Galliano fiasco. A standing ovation for Bill Gaytten who’s holding the fort until a new designer is found, but do we really need anyone else?

Round one of the designer couture SS12 league has gone to Dior.

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