Monday, 1 October 2012

Thank Doc for That

Finding shoes that fit has been the bane of my life for the past few months. I honestly believe I have alien feet of some sort. I used to be a size 8, then a 7, now some 7’s are floppy and 6’s pinch my toes. I just can’t win.

In the past two months I’ve been to too many shops and tried on too many pairs of shoes and had no luck. And this isn’t just me being a fashion student wanting to add to my 200+ collection of heels. No, this is me who has a few pairs I wear and one of my favourites now have a hole in the toe. God forbid it would rain, which living in always sunny England obviously will never happen. Those particular shoes from Kate Kanzier (one of my favourite online shops) are no longer for sale, and just my luck the other ones I wanted from there are sold out. I wanted to cry every time I saw a nice pair of shoes, tried them on and they flopped about more than a pair of flip flops. On a whim, and bored online I headed for the Doc Martens website. I’m not a huge fan of the high topped black lace up punk boots, but their brogue style shoes are lovely. Unfortunately the price is less lovely, I didn’t have a spare £90, however the sale section called my name and I spotted a pair for £43 and thought why not. I had a good feeling about these. I went for salmon pink lace up’s and kept my fingers and toes crossed for their arrival.

They arrived three days later and I unwrapped the box like a child on Christmas day. And, HALLELUJAH they fitted perfectly. Smooth fabric, cushiony soles that feel like I’m walking on marshmallows. I’ve never jumped up and down with joy about any other pair of shoes. And yes I may have spent more money than I would have in a shop but I believe that these shoes are the god of all shoes. Finally after too much trying and stomping around after not finding the right ones, they have been sent to me by a tall dark and not that handsome delivery man.

The moral of this story is, sometimes spending less isn’t always a good thing. Maybe now and again, spend a little more money on something that will last three times and long and look three times as good as any old shoes from the high street. 

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